10 Phone Complete Voip Phone System Package #2

10 Non-POE Voip Phone Bundle
Voip Server
10-Full Service Licenses
10-6731i Aastra Telephones
Netgear Switch 16 port (Requires an additional power over ethernet power supply for each phone) 

*Is compatible with any SIP phone at an additional cost. Call for different phone model options.

- Auto-attendant
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
system —a digital receptionist that will
offer pre-recorded options for selecting
individuals or departments. There is no
limitation on how many you can have.
Music or customized messages can be
played when a call is on hold.
- Call Monitoring
Managers can listen in on calls, and
can barge in to speak to customers or
whisper for agents’ ears alone.
- Call Parking
Calls can be placed on hold in a
“parking lot” to keep extensions free.
- Ring Groups
Multiple extensions can be configured
to ring with each call until that call is
picked up by any one extension
- Call Presence
Call presence updates your availability
and activity status —such as “on the
phone” or “away” —automatically on
systemwide integrated applications
such as instant messaging.
- Call Conferencing
PIN-based security,
quiet mode, user join/leave, forced
mute, increase/decrease
volume and conference
- Call Queuing
Calls waiting for a response will be
placed in a queue in which calls are
answered in the order they were
received, or may be prioritized for a
quicker response that leapfrogs the
queue. Call queues are unlimited.
- Music on hold
Pre-recorded MP3s or WAV files may be
played when a caller is placed on hold.
Hold music and messages are easily
administered via the web interface.
- Voicemail/voicemail to email/fax to email
Voicemails can be accessed and
changed on the extension or via web
interface. Users can receive email
notifications when they have a new
voicemail message, and faxes can be
forwarded to email.
- Call Recording
The administrator can enable or disable
call recording for the desired extensions
and queues and listen to or download
voice logs.
- Blacklisting
Users can block certain numbers from
making further calls to any extension.
- Day/Night Control
Users can configure call flow depending
on the time of day —for example, calls
may be routed to extensions with
voicemail boxes during office hours and
with a different number or a customized
message for calls arriving after hours. 

  • Item #: iphonyVoipphonesystem#2-2
  • Manufacturer: IpIphony
  • Condition: New

Package #2-2 Complete Voip Phone System w/10 Phones

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